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This project is the result of reflections on personality. Here personality is defined abstractly as the combination of tiny elements that characterize an individual and an understanding of what separates that individual from others. Personality remains bonded to attitude, belief, emotion, desire and to a persistent manner of perceiving, behaving, and feeling.
The intention is to debate the significance of personality in contrast with the collective identity, while considering the values and ideas established by the union of many personalities. Individual identity is extracted from the mass of collective identity whilst transforming, in some small way, that same constantly evolving group.
Understanding the value of preserving former knowledge, forgotten emotions, and the details of a culture nearly extinct, the material here is the traditional portuguese blanket. The result is a unisex jacket, each created as a unique piece. The pattern of the jacket is manipulated to construct a new personality—a new use, a new purpose and a new image.